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Look no further, Dubai is the place you want to visit!


When you think about traveling the world, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it Sun, nature, adventures, excitement, and fun? Then there is no better place to choose than the beautiful Dubai, with its landscape where the old meets the new and an ultramodern-looking skyline.

Its culture so spiritual and intriguing at the same time takes you to know the most inspiring corners of this land. Why don’t you take that plane now? This golden desert invites to live the experience of a lifetime.


If you want to know exactly what to do and how to enjoy this dream city, then read on, you will not regret it!


Adventure # 1 Enjoy the view from Burj Khalifa

If you are someone who loves modern architecture and trend styles, this place is for you. The Burj Khalifa is almost 431 meters high, not even the Empire State of New York is as tall as this emblematic building constructed in 2010, this is where are based the residential floors of those who can afford the great life.

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The Burj Khalifa has gazebos that offer breathtaking panoramic views; the most emblematic is located on the 148th floor, at more than 555 meters high from where you can observe the brightness of the city in miniature.


Ticket sales are always sold out because no one wants to miss this experience, so do not delay in buying your entrance online, missing a sunset a few meters from the sky is just like committing a crime.


Next to the Burj Khalifa, on the Boulevard, is the artificial lake that surrounds the Dubai Fountain, another of the great architectural works of the city with a touch of music and fresh air. In the vicinity of the lake, you will also see a gourmet area with many luxury restaurants to taste the culinary traditions, and of course! The Dubai Mall is located there as well.


Adventure # 2 Shop at the Dubai Mall

Once you have opened your eyes to the United Arab Emirates, take advantage of being very close to the largest shopping center in the World!  Who doesn’t want to buy some souvenirs from the city? And why not … A Good branded clothing: Dior, Carolina Herrera, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and even Versace are there.


Since 2008, this shopping center delights us with its 111 hectares and 1,200 stores. It is the world within a big city. The best thing is, you can not only buy, but you can also go to the aquarium or the Olympic track ice skating that has the mall. Or either, you can go to the movies or take the kids to a big recreation room. And to top it off, this mall has 12 buses that transport you totally free from several hotels in the city.


Adventure # 3 Travel with adventure! Meet the Desert Safari

If you love the speed, 4x4 cars, and the eccentric, there will be no other trip in this world that satisfies you more than Desert Safari.  If you are an adventurous one, don’t hesitate in renting a car with a powerful engine to cross the hills of these mountainous dunes, you can also rent an ATV or perform sandboarding.


Its attraction offers you a traditional one-day tour with a stroll along the dunes and a candlelit dinner with an Arabian show or if you dare to get out of the ordinary and spend some nights in the desert where they are best appreciated The stars, then buy a trip for a couple of days, with camel ride, tour of artisan shops and much more.


Adventure # 4 Are you a sea lover? Prepare your swimsuit for Palm Jumeirah


This incredible 17 Islands 31-kilometer palm is the holiday destination of the most famous stars. Here are the best resorts in the Middle East; you can stay in the one that offers better amenities.


Take a tour around the corals, launch at full speed through the water slides of Aquaventure Water Park and if you want to enjoy the coast from another dimension, a helicopter ride, a seaplane ride or parachuting is what we recommend you the most. The views from the heights are the best gift of Dubai, but if you are not into flying then enjoy the panoramic view from the Observatory, located in the Dubai Marriott Harbor Hotel.


Adventure # 5 let’s set sail! The Dubai Marina and the Dubai Creek


If your thing is to spend romantic evenings then go through the canals of the city in the dhows, our traditional boats, you will surely love it! These boats are lit from head to toe and offer “belly dance” shows while showing you the most alluring areas of this eastern city.


Most tours include a buffet dinner with unlimited drinks and return transfer for a very low price. Are your ready to Sail through the Dubai Marina and the Dubai Creek? You better be, because this is amazing.


Dubai Marina

Passing through this area you will feel part of the Jet Set. Located in “New Dubai”, this 4km long street allows you to enjoy the unforgettable view of skyscrapers and expensive residential areas. Some prefer to walk the seafront of the coast and dine on some terrace, instead of sailing. But in any way and at any time of day this area by itself is a show of glamor and luxuries.




Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is a separation of no more than 10 km, separating Deira and Bur Dubai, two historic neighborhoods. There are two bridges if you want to walk, but to observe the idiosyncrasy of the city in action and traditionalism is better to go by boat and take your time to appreciate the surroundings. While tasting a canapé you can listen to the history of this ancient trading port between India and Africa. The journey always ends at Heritage Village where you can continue on foot the cultural tour.


Adventure # 6 Get out of the ordinary and ski in the middle of the desert.

Although it looks ironic and almost impossible, Dubai did it. Ski Dubai is a company that brought snow to an arid desert just to please its most demanding tourists.


This artificial settlement does not envy the frozen hills of Canada or the United States. There are attractions for children and extreme skiers, and although it seems that you are in another country, you are in the United Arab Emirates. Who wouldn’t love it?

Some people travel to Dubai just to come to this place. This over 85-foot-tall invention has mountains of all kinds and is located on Sheikh Zayed Rd, along with the longest road in the country.

Adventure # 7 the life you deserve in Burj Al Arab.

You deserve to travel and clear your mind and there’s no better place than Burj Al Arab Hotel the only 7-star hotel in the world. With a heliport, a disco, reveal restaurants, golf courses, and its own artificial island has rooms of 175 square meters, all categorized as suites. If you need a transfer, you can choose between a Rolls Royce, a BMWs or some other extremely expensive vehicle. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

But it is real and is waiting for you. Enjoy your complete package offering breakfast, a set of Hermes products, chocolates, free Champaign and more. Its lobby is 200 meters high and in order to appreciate it is necessary to make a reservation in one of its restaurants.

Adventure # 8 Find the meaning of your trip visiting The Jumeirah Mosque

Traveling to Dubai has another meaning, not everything is luxury and money. This is a mainly religious city, so you cannot miss the Jumeirah Mosque at the Jumeirah Road. One of the most important in the city, with its geometric architecture and artistic murals, has become a worldwide attraction for being the only mosque to which non-Muslims can enter. Their guided visits of 1 or 2 hours not only take you to know the religious history of the country but to feel that it is possible to live in a world without religious racism.


Adventure # 9 LEGOLAND, a place to smile.

It does not matter if you have children or not, this place will relieve your past. LEGOLAND Dubai is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, this resort includes playrooms and a water park all set with themes of the famous game. Throughout the day you can enjoy animated shows made with blocks and Legos, so get ready for the real fun!

Finally apart from all of the above.What can we offer to you? Security, fun, a trip planned because we want that you enjoy without problems and go with the best memory of your trip with us. This tour is full of excitement and lot of fun and worth dedicating your whole day in Dubai.

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