Visa Assistance

For many of us, long weekend means a long-awaited break/holiday. If you will be leaving the country, your passport should be your first priority.

I would venture to say we’ve had the opportunity to help out with nearly every scenario in the book. The best advice is to make sure to get your passport when you do not yet need it. It is a much bigger challenge to deal with the government bureaucracy at the last minute.

The current “passport surge” has the passport office encouraging travelers to submit their applications as soon as possible.

To avoid travel headaches, check your passport expiration date frequently — ideally before planning any international trips. Passports issued to applicants age 15 or older are valid for 10 years. Applicants under age 15 are issued passports valid for five years.

Many countries require passports to be valid for at least six months beyond the dates of travel, so renewing earlier is better. My office has heard from many travelers who arrived at the airport only to be told they could not board their flights because their passports were too close to the expiration date.

If you realize you will need your passport sooner than six to eight weeks from the time of applying, the passport office recommends expediting your application for an additional fee of INR 2000/- and some additional documents.

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